Joyful start to the day ended with 2 working structure fires.
July 9, 2022

Yesterday crews began preparing for the annual New Freedom 4th of July parade. Working hard on getting units cleaned, polished and in show ready condition. Crews enjoyed going through town to see all of their and surrounding communities residents. Crews wrapped up and were all home with family by 7:00pm

At 8:15 pm Rose Fire Co was alerted to Stewartstown Borough for a reported structure fire. Tower 58 with 6 members went responding. The crew arrived and was tasked by command to over haul the basement of a detached garage. Command 54 scaled the incident back to units on scene.

18 mins later at 8:38pm Baltimore County Engine 451 was returning to their station & came across a working structure fire in New Freedom on Brose Rd.

The officer off of Engine 451 notified Dispatch to put out a working structure fire assignment in the 58-14 box while the crew started fire attack.

Tower 58 cleared the 54 Fire and responded, Engine 58-1 Chief 58 & Micu 58 responded within minutes of dispatch with a total of 18 members.

Chief 58 arrived, assumed command advising the crews off of Engine 58-1, Rescue 59, Rescue 61 & Tower 58 to start an aggressive fire attack, conduct a primary search and start ventilation.

Crews operated for 3 hours before cleaning the incident.

Photo credit:
South County Fire Photos
Matthew Underwood.

Units: Tower 58, Engine 58-1 Utility 58, Micu 58, Fire police 58
Mutual Aid: BCo Engine 451, Rescues 59, Rescue 61, Truck 77, Truck 891, Truck 19, Engine 892, Air 13, Utility 457.