3 Vehicle MVA on the Trail
February 17, 2022

Station 58 was alerted for a MVA W/Injuries at the intersection of Susquehanna Trail S & Keller Rd.

Chief 58 arrived to find 3 vehicles involved and blocking the roadway.

Engine 58-1 arrived and secured the 2 vehicles and assisted with patient care.

Tower 58 arrived and secured the 3rd vehicle and assisted with debris clean up.

Micu 58 checked on 2 occupants of one car for no life threating injuries and were later released.

Crews remained on scene for 45 mins and returned available.

Thanks to Fire Police from 58 and 61 for securing the scene so crews could operate saftely.

Units: Engine 58-1, Tower 58, Micu 58, Fire Police.
Mutual Aid: 61 Fire Police.