Chimney fire in the 58 local
February 1, 2019

Just after 1:00 am station 58 was alerted for a chimney fire in railroad boro.

Captain 58 (Boyer) was the first to arrive, reporting smoke conditions in the home as well an active chimney fire.

Engine 58-1 with LT Baum Jr arrived and the crew stretched a hand line in the rear of the home. Engine 58-1 split up sending 2 members into the basement to extinguish the fire in the wood stove. While 2 other members went to the roof to start fire extinguishment. Baltimore county engine 60 went to second floor and attic to search fire extension in the walls and attic .

Fire was contained to the chimney. Crews worked hard for 30 mins extinguishing the fire and clearing a lot of debris out of the chimney. After the fire was out the home was turned back over to the owners and station 58 & 60 personnel returned home safe. Thank you station 60 for you help.

Units: Engine 58-1. Micu 58
Mutual Aid: Baltimore county engine 60.